NaNoWriMo Log

2 Nov: Business trip to NY 31-Oct through 3-Nov put a serious dent on my ability to write but I’ve got 1500 words in the bank and things do seem to be flowing well.

7 Nov: caught up over the weekend so I’m back on track. I’m pleased at the way things are progressing. When I’m in the zone it all flows easily. Plot planning and character biographies are really helping.

13 Nov: Stuck, and only 1,710 words in the last three days. I’m blocked with a scene. Why?

14 Nov: Almost half-way through the month, and about 40% through my novel, so not too bad. I got blocked trying to write a key conflict scene for a while which is why I’m a bit behind, but in the end I just wrote it and I think I did OK. I can see a lot of editing in my future :-) I think I got blocked because: a) the scene is key to the development of 4 different characters, and b) it needed to be an emotional roller coaster of a scene and I wasn’t sure how to do that (or if I could)  … then I just did it and it was OK (-ish).

18 Nov: Only about 700 words behind schedule now, but my next big problem is looming. My story will end before my 50k words are in. Looking over some sections, I need to greatly expand some scenes, and in general stretch out ‘book time’ when I write. I think I get excited about where the story is going, so I compress and rush the text to get to the next bit. I need to stretch these out and build more anticipation in the reader.

29 Nov: 48,697 words + one day left, and I’m going to make it! Considering that I work a full time job, I have a wife and two kids that deserve and get my time and attention, I had a business trip this month and I’ve been ill the last four days, … I’m rather proud of myself.  This is normal life and I still will get a novel written in a month. I’ve got a lot more to say about this, but right now … I’m going to sleep :-)

30 Nov: 50,281 words, NaNoWriMo 2011 Winner, and all-round happy and tired person. I’ll post a wrap in a day or two.

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