Mar 14

Exercise – or Racing to Nowhere

I have always had the exercise habit. As a kid I played little league baseball, neighbourhood football, and ran track. At 13 I started cycling and have never stopped, and in my early 30’s I started running and continue that as well. I’ve also boxed, fenced and have almost always had a gym membership that I actually used.

So, I exercise – no problem. Except, there is a problem, and I noticed it on a bike ride about two years ago. Continue reading →

Mar 14


  • “If I could only find them time”
  • “First I have to do these things”
  • “I’m just not ready”
  • “It’s too hard” (or too big, too complex, too new, …)

There always seem to be a lot of good reasons to not do something. In fact, try hard enough and you can successfully kill any project, task or initiative. So what is it that sometimes keeps us from trying, pushing, growing or just doing stuff?


One big reason we put things off is fear, and fear is a very personal and multi-dimensional foe. We each have our own reasons to fear. Fear of failure; fear of success. Fear of looking foolish; fear of appearing to be an expert (creating expectation). Continue reading →

Feb 14


January 2014 log on the Sea Change Program

I’ve been meditating regularly for over a year now, and have drawn real value and insight from the practice. As part of the Sea Change Program, I allowed myself to rewind the habit, going back to square one and taking a fresh look at not just meditation, but at the concept of mindfulness and how I try to integrate that more holistically into my life. Not just the 2, or 15, or 30 minutes that I sit, but in all the things I do.

The first experiment was to swap my timer for a stopwatch (I use the standard clock app on my phone). Previously, I would set a timer for 15 minutes, or however long I thought I wanted to meditate, start the timer and sit until it went off. When I took a step back I realized that I have issues with that timer: Continue reading →

Jan 14

Sea Change

man sunrise meditatiionI’m not much of a joiner, and being on the far side of introverted, I’m not naturally big on networking, but I just joined the Sea Change program over on Zen Habits and wanted to post a quick note here. This will serve as my accountability notice – I’m doing this.

The program uses a monthly rotation of topics, around which people may want to create and/or reinforce habits like exercising, being mindful, letting go, and un-procrastinating. You’re free to work on anything at any time, but specific support is available for the monthly topic. There is also a large community of other people in the program available to support your efforts, and provide advice, feedback and encouragement. Continue reading →

Jun 13

Father’s Day 2013

Fathers Day 2013-web

I’m a Dad, and that’s about the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I have two incredibly wonderful and loving children, and they have truly changed my life.

I remember feeling anxious when we were trying to conceive, and then a panicky fear as I watched my son’s head crown during his birth. And since then I’ve felt a lot of fear and anxiety, along with inexpressible joy and wonder. I’ve felt so tired that I couldn’t speak, and I’ve laughed uncontrollably at being drenched in vomit. I’ve felt anger and hurt. I’ve felt absurdly, stupidly in love. I’ve felt sick with worry, and sobbed happy tears.


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